Thursday, October 27, 2005

I introduce my new blog

Hello, I´m writing too in my new blog about NN. TT. because it´s very importan role for a next teacher.

You can read me too there.

Bye. See you soon.
Where is Maria Jordano? we remember you.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Practising for the exam

Dear Ali:

Hi! How are you? I´m sorry I haven´t written for this weeks, but I´ve been really busy. Anyway, I´m writing now to let you know that all the friends have decided to go to the lagoons in next weekends. I like that you came with us.

I asked the owner all about the lagoon and it is fantastic. There are shops, beachs, parties in the discos, and a lot of green grass. It´s only 5 euros a day. If you join us...

There are lots of things to do in the area. We can ride by bike for around of lagoons. It´s very appropiate for our holidays. Come on!!!!

I really hope you decide to join us. It would be such fun to go on holiday together, and the weather will probably be good at that time on July, so I´m sure we´ll all have a great time.

Well, that´s all for now. Please write and let me know as soon as you´ve decided what you´re going to do. Take care.

See you soon.

José Antonio.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


hI! How are you? I am in my house and It´s very hot though the windows are opened. The exams is finishing and I am still studying for the english, doing my homework... but I want to finish all this because I am very tired, and you?

On the one hand, I remember the university year because I don´t see my classmates, but I prefer to swim in the pool and going out for the night at the party.....with my friends.

I like the summer, the cool water, the beach, the holidays´travel..... and all about summer. Althougt I am disagreed with the storm, It shouldn´t exist, When I want to go at the swimming pool, If It´s storm, I will can go because my mother say me that It´s very dangerous, and other time I will bear the hot, this horrible hot..... but I have always been agreed with the summer.

See you soon.

Summer´s advising: PROTECT YOU OF SUN!!!!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Summer has arrived!!!!!!!

Hello, My dear friends. I haven´t written a little time ago. I am writing now because I was very tired for studying and I wanted to see this.

I think that the next months will be very hot, so, Drink you a lot of water, and We will can go to the swimming pool when we will have finished the universtity exams.

See you soon, ( on Monday, in the next exam)

PD: Maria, I have already corrected my tittle. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Hi! I´m surprised for the children´s language, because I think that my target language had its own words for them only. When we have been in class with Maria, we have heart a listening about it. I had heart something before, though I didn´t pay attention.

In Spanish we use words like "pompis", "barriguita", "mamá", "papá", "gua-gua"..... but, what about English? this is the question, because I believed that It was said the same, but not, in english the pronunciation, and the writing is different.

See you soon
Thanks for reading me.


María make me a comment, I like it, please.... Thanks

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Teaching Writing Skills

Dear friends: I have wroten today in my blog some techniques to help students produce writing with a higher occurrence of lexical variation.

Teacher’s Notes:
If you’re teaching this as a “one-off” you may want to provide some form of introduction. Give a quick warm up/ orientation to newspapers. Depending on your style of teaching you might consider one of the following:
Question – “What’s white and black, but “red” all over?” Answer – A newspaper.
Collect together six newspaper headlines. Black out one word in each. Put the class into two teams and one by one hold/flash up the headlines. The team who guesses the closest word gets the point etc.
A quick discussion on the merits of newspapers versus television or radio.
Scramble the short sentence in step one on the board and let the students unscramble it to make the story.

1) Write the short sentence from the worksheet 'Your Own Version' on the board (A youth was sentenced for driving a stolen car). Tell students that this is a news story and and ask how it could be more interesting. (Elicit the answer “more detail!”)
2)Give out ‘Your Own Version’ and allow 15 minutes (more if necessary) for answering the questions and writing the story. Emphasise that they will be making the story more interesting by adding detail. You could give the option of doing this in pairs.

3) Change the pace by getting pairs to tell each other their versions. They can use any means necessary to keep their audience’s interest, but hopefully they will do it by including relevant details and animated telling.

4) Give out the ‘Original News Story’ and allow time for them to compare for differences. Round off this step by sharing some of the differences in an open class discussion and then move on to asking open class questions about the language used in the original news story. Notice the following:
The variety of vocabulary;
The use of some passive sentences;
Long complex sentences – sometimes one sentence for a whole paragraph.
5) Tell your students that these features (a,b,c) help make a good news story. Give out the ‘Language Analysis’ (2 sheets) and explain that working through these will help them identify the language you are talking about. Monitor and check as you desire and get students to compare their complex sentences to answers in the original news story.

6) You can give out ‘Complex sentences – a chart’ either to help with step 5 or afterwards for future reference for their homework.

7) Give out their ‘Homework’.

When we will be teachers, will can use it with our pupils.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Teachers´ cualities

The Language Teacher should be very funny with his pupils. If he want to transmite the foreign language, he must to attract to people in his classes.
The pupils will can ask him what they want, because the teacher can´t close doors them. They think in the beginning that the foreign language is very funny and the most interesting; so they will have to see it. This will encourage them for following with the learning process.

Trough the different skills, they should learnt this new language little by little. The plays, the exercises, the questionnaires...... all for acquiring a new language.

The teacher must to talk them always in the target language and he mustn´t to have shame. The shame in these classes impede the normal process of learning.

to be continued...

I come back

Hi! I am here other time, excuse me for my absence. I have been busied for these days and I couldn´t write in my blog. In the university the teachers ask to us a lot of homework and project work because the course walk until the end, everybody want to examine in the some way.

Wait a moment, that I am writing something always that I can it.

Sorry, and thank you for read me.